jason (e_e_b) wrote in comp_recording,

firepod out of sync


so my firepod has been a godsend so far.. very reliable interface.. but i'm running into a rather frustrating problem.

I rearranged the studio and while I was doing that I had to obviously unplug everything. I set everything back up and now my firepod refuses to go into sync with my computer. Now my computer is not really the most advanced piece of machinery and I find alot of times when I turn it off I have a hard time getting the firepod to go into sync with it but it always eventually works. I thought that maybe my firewire ports weren't working but my external hard drive works just fine.

I'm just not sure if it's my firepod or a computer issue (computer also starting making the "i have a broken fan" noise.)

my computer is one of those ampron processors or whatever (computer specs are not my forte) it's about 2 and a half years old now..

I'm hoping it's the computer and not the firepod that's the issue..

any ideas

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