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routing music vs. metronome in a live setting via laptop.

2 questions.
one software,
the other hardware.

i need to have my laptop playing back pre-recorded tracks ive made in FruityLoops at live shows.
i need the metronome [synced with the track] playing in my headphones and the music playing through the main out to the house sound system.

id like to use either FL or Nuendo for playback on my laptop.

is there a way to rout the metronome in FL [or Nuendo] to my headphones and the music to the main outs?
how would i do this?

what kind of hardware would i need?
sound quality is not really an issue.

i have to buy this soundcard this weekend and figure out how to set all this up the same day, so im a bit desperate.
i dont know alot about midi stuff, so dont feel bad about dumbing your answers down for me a bit.

many many many thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!
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