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The Resurrectionist

East/West Symphonic Choirs Group Buy...

Alright, I am kinda frustrated since I just bought this for $900(us) a few months ago.... But if you make ambient, electronic music in the same universe as Conjure One, Enigma, Delerium, etc., check this out. I guess East/West Sounds is doing some kind of 'group sale' on Symphonic Choirs, where the more people order it at once, the bigger the discount. If they got over 500 people to order it, it becomes 60% off... Well, last I checked they are at 507 orders, now making it $350ish(us). This program is a lot of fun(Especially if you can't afford a REAL choir), and you can actually type in words for the 'choir' to sing. And the sample quality is frikkin amazing. I just wish I would've been more patient, as I would've had an extra $600 in my pocket, lol... Either way, this is a great deal and I figured I'd pass on the info!!! I just hope they do this deal with the Symphonic Orchestra, now!

Here's a link to their forums and the announcement:

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