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Hey everyone. I stopped in a while ago to tell you about a project I was working on, and get some advice from you. I wanted to stop back to say thanks again and to tell you that the site is officially open to the public. This means you can now join without an invitation!

If you missed the original posts, Splice is founded on the idea that creativity breeds creativity. You upload your tracks, loops, hits, samples, whatever... then you can build songs and remix them in the online sequencer. You can also use whatever everyone else has added to the site. When you're done, publish it for people to listen to and rate, AND if they want to, they can remix the song with their own personal twist.

Not only is this really fun, it's really practical for all the musicians like me who have lots of friends online that we'd love to play with, but never get a chance to meet in person. I'm really excited about this site and I'd love to see more people on there (we have more fun that way.)

Anyway, just wanted to let you know. If I can't make posts like this here, just let me know and I'll happily take it down. I am building the LJ for Splice, too, over at splicemusic. It's a bit of a mess still, but give me two days & I'll have it all running. It's been a crazy week. :)

See you inside!

~Amiee @
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