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Remix Contest [07 Apr 2010|02:46am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Your chance to have YOUR MUSIC HEARD BY MILLIONS of people around the world, and gain international recognition as a leading remix artist!


Lena Katina, the star of the Russian pop sensation, t.A.T.u, launched a remix contest on Kroogi.com. You can put your spin on several t.A.T.u. songs. The winning tracks will be featured on the group’s upcoming remix compilation release.


Track stems are available here: http://tatu.kroogi.com/content/show/653951


The deadline for the remix submissions is May 1, 2010. Hurry! ;)


Good Luck!

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И снова Zемфира [05 Apr 2009|07:39pm]



Сборка примечательна, тем, что в неё входят некоторого рода "мастеринговые" переработки с моей стороны.
Раритетные, не издаваемые раньше записи Земфиры.Info++TracklisTCollapse )


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Music Equipment, COD5 and more [07 Jan 2009|05:56pm]


check it out

Call of Duty: World at War (Playstation 3)
Sony Sound Forge Production Software Podcast *OPENED*

Wavelab Essential Digital Audio Recording & Stein Key !

Barely USED Hitachi FDV Hammer Drill Great Condition

Lexicon Omega USB Recording Device Computer PC MAC

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New eBay items - music and stage gear [01 Jul 2007|07:56pm]

Music and stage gear

New items for sale on ebay, good prices:

New in Box Behringer Virtualizer Pro

Chauvet FX 800 Fog Machine Smoke Fogger DJ 700w new in box

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New Glitch Kit Presets for RMIV & Ableton Live's Impulse [05 Jun 2007|09:33am]

Sorry if this is a repeat post. But you Glitch, IDM fans should like this.. Hope you enjoy.


Created from a favorite trick of mine. The samples are created by importing (.txt, .midi, .pdf, ext.) really anything i can find as RAW 24bit audio Data. I then Edit & Tweak out the samples. Pure Digital chaos. Nothing analog about this kit!

For the RMIV user's My high quality acoustic kits are available as well.
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firepod out of sync [22 May 2007|09:43am]


so my firepod has been a godsend so far.. very reliable interface.. but i'm running into a rather frustrating problem.

I rearranged the studio and while I was doing that I had to obviously unplug everything. I set everything back up and now my firepod refuses to go into sync with my computer. Now my computer is not really the most advanced piece of machinery and I find alot of times when I turn it off I have a hard time getting the firepod to go into sync with it but it always eventually works. I thought that maybe my firewire ports weren't working but my external hard drive works just fine.

I'm just not sure if it's my firepod or a computer issue (computer also starting making the "i have a broken fan" noise.)

my computer is one of those ampron processors or whatever (computer specs are not my forte) it's about 2 and a half years old now..

I'm hoping it's the computer and not the firepod that's the issue..

any ideas

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routing music vs. metronome in a live setting via laptop. [05 Apr 2007|02:13am]

2 questions.
one software,
the other hardware.

i need to have my laptop playing back pre-recorded tracks ive made in FruityLoops at live shows.
i need the metronome [synced with the track] playing in my headphones and the music playing through the main out to the house sound system.

id like to use either FL or Nuendo for playback on my laptop.

is there a way to rout the metronome in FL [or Nuendo] to my headphones and the music to the main outs?
how would i do this?

what kind of hardware would i need?
sound quality is not really an issue.

i have to buy this soundcard this weekend and figure out how to set all this up the same day, so im a bit desperate.
i dont know alot about midi stuff, so dont feel bad about dumbing your answers down for me a bit.

many many many thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Midi controller for sale [28 Mar 2007|09:42pm]

I am trying to sell my M-Audio Oxygen 49 Key Midi Controller
If anyone is interested, its brand new, I have it up on eBay right now:
Ebay link to Oxygen 49 key Midi

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news song "Run and Sing" [27 Mar 2007|04:23pm]

Hello Everybody!! :-)

For all Music Keens, I'd like to invite YOU to listen my news song "Run and


If You want to Enjoy and Feel Music and Emotions with US, come into our

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E V O L U T I O N - Electro Power Band - [02 Mar 2007|04:22pm]

Hi Everybody!

We're glad to show You our last song "LASTING WAVES",
than if you want to go on hearing..... there are also some alternative
versions and our cover remixes!

You can find everything inside our - My Space E V O L U T I O N - world:

Come to enjoy us!!

E V O L U T I O N - Electro Power Band - ITALY
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CEntrance Universal Driver [19 Jan 2007|08:24am]


can someone help me finding a CEntrance Universal Driver for free

here's the site http://www.centrance.com
because my Behringer FCA202 driver suck bigtime
or any alternative Behringer FCA202 driver that works fine
i'm having a big problem with my audio interface

thanks :)
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American DJ PROformer Pro Stereo Amplifier for Sale Cheap [01 Nov 2006|12:17pm]

This auction is for an:

American DJ Audio PROformer Series 420W RMS per channel (Bridged Mono) V1000 Professional Stereo Amplifier. This amp has been tested and functions like new. Unit was rack mounted and has very small scuff marks consistent with such. This amp is very clean, was well taken care of (in a smoke-free environment) and looks and plays like brand new! (package also includes manual & power cord.)

Selling this power amplifier if anyone is interested (on ebay), as I upgraded to a far more powerful amplifier.

Give me a better deal and I could delist this baby and have it in your hands in a jif!!

Click to go the Ebay Auction and read a detailed description
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Digital Performer / Yamaha S90 / Macintosh [21 Oct 2006|05:17pm]

hello everyone.

I haven't posted much on here, but I am getting desperate for answers, so hopefully somone can help me with my problem.

I am running Digital Performer version 4.5.2 on my Mac.
(my Mac = desktop single processor 400 MHz G4 with 640 MB SDRAM and 20 GB of memory capacity)
I am also running Mac OS 10.3.9

I have a Yamaha S90 synth hooked up to my Mac via direct high-speed USB cable. On the Yamaha S90, it has a USB output that allows for MIDI connection directly via USB cable. I have my USB cable plugged into a USB hub (4 port hub).


So when I'm recording MIDI tracks, I am able to record onto every MIDI track that I create. No problems there.

BUT, when I play back what I've just recorded, I'm ONLY able to hear what's been recorded onto track 1. When I de-select track 1, and select ANOTHER midi track, I cannot hear anything during playback, even though I can see the midi data recorded in the track window.

I have a small BOSS keyboard amp (maybe 4" speaker) as an output from my S90, via 1/4" cable.

All my equipment seems to be working fine (gear isn't dated enough to where it doesn't work.... y'know?). I believe this to be a problem of my lack of knowledge on selecting output somewhere on Digital Performer, or possibly even through my Audio Midi Setup (I have my Audio Midi setup set to where it transmits and receives -- both -- 16 channels.... is this correct?)

Anyway, I hope I'm explaining myself well enough.
Thank you for any and all responses with this.... I appreciate it.

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East/West Symphonic Choirs Group Buy... [24 Sep 2006|03:00pm]

Alright, I am kinda frustrated since I just bought this for $900(us) a few months ago.... But if you make ambient, electronic music in the same universe as Conjure One, Enigma, Delerium, etc., check this out. I guess East/West Sounds is doing some kind of 'group sale' on Symphonic Choirs, where the more people order it at once, the bigger the discount. If they got over 500 people to order it, it becomes 60% off... Well, last I checked they are at 507 orders, now making it $350ish(us). This program is a lot of fun(Especially if you can't afford a REAL choir), and you can actually type in words for the 'choir' to sing. And the sample quality is frikkin amazing. I just wish I would've been more patient, as I would've had an extra $600 in my pocket, lol... Either way, this is a great deal and I figured I'd pass on the info!!! I just hope they do this deal with the Symphonic Orchestra, now!

Here's a link to their forums and the announcement:


X-posted to a bunch of music forums...
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splicemusic.com [25 Aug 2006|08:41pm]

Hey everyone. I stopped in a while ago to tell you about a project I was working on, splicemusic.com and get some advice from you. I wanted to stop back to say thanks again and to tell you that the site is officially open to the public. This means you can now join without an invitation!

If you missed the original posts, Splice is founded on the idea that creativity breeds creativity. You upload your tracks, loops, hits, samples, whatever... then you can build songs and remix them in the online sequencer. You can also use whatever everyone else has added to the site. When you're done, publish it for people to listen to and rate, AND if they want to, they can remix the song with their own personal twist.

Not only is this really fun, it's really practical for all the musicians like me who have lots of friends online that we'd love to play with, but never get a chance to meet in person. I'm really excited about this site and I'd love to see more people on there (we have more fun that way.)

Anyway, just wanted to let you know. If I can't make posts like this here, just let me know and I'll happily take it down. I am building the LJ for Splice, too, over at splicemusic. It's a bit of a mess still, but give me two days & I'll have it all running. It's been a crazy week. :)

See you inside!

~Amiee @ splicemusic.com
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[05 Aug 2006|06:20pm]

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HELP! [30 Jul 2006|11:47pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

hello everyone.... I am new to this group and have many many many questions regarding home recording with my Macintosh G4 (one of the first versions made available: bought in 1998, 400MHz processor, 20 gigs memory, 640 MB SDRAM, currently running Mac OS 10.3.9 ) and my Yamaha S90 synthesizer. I am using a single high-speed USB cable as MIDI interface (nice feature about the S90 with its built-in USB interface)..... HOWEVER.

I am running into problems recording. Every time I insert a patch change to a MIDI track and record a MIDI track.... if I add another MIDI Track and try to insert a DIFFERENT patch change to record OTHER sounds to LAYER on top of the previously recorded tracks, it automatically changes ALL the other MIDI Tracks to that sound/voice.

In other words.... tonight, I was trying to record a piano track via MIDI. It records fine. It plays back fine. But now that I'm satisfied with this track, I'd like to add ANOTHER MIDI Track to add some strings to the song, etc. When I try to choose any other patch (strings, bass, drums, etc.) it will change the original piano track to playback as a (string, bass, drums, etc.) voice.

I am openly admitting my "greenhorns" when it comes to audio recording. Basically, most of you will probably have to speak to me like a child....

But I promise to be patient and understanding (I learn quickly), and I do have SOME background to audio/MIDI recording.

If any of you are patient enough to give me some advice, I would me most grateful and appreciative.

Thank you all for your time with this.

Brian Jackson

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[21 Jul 2006|01:10pm]
Hey I just joined this community and I was trying to record earlier today with Adobe Audition but when I tried to do playback with what I had recorded already, it kept skipping and going very slow, stopping, etc. Anyone know why that happened? It used to work fine....is it because there's too many wav files open or something, cuz I didn't think there were that many to stop it up like that....Thanks

xoxo alissa
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Mixing songs via the internet [08 Jun 2006|11:48pm]

Hi. I hope this kind of post is allowed here (if not, you can delete it, or let me know and I'll happily do it myself). It just seemed to me that a lot of people here would be interested in this:

I'm Amiee. I have some friends that are getting ready to launch a music collaboration site. The site is unlike anthing else I've seen: designed so that you can upload your sounds or loops and then mix them with sounds and loops that other people have uploaded. You can publish songs together, or remix something that someone else published. The more the merrier!

The site is really coming along and they are getting ready to launch their beta version soon, but right now, they are looking for a few more intelligent musical types (that'd be you!) to come over and play and see what you think. Feedback is good! I have some invites for anyone that is willing to come give it a shot and let us know what you think. This phase of testing is only open to a handful of people, but I'd really like YOUR specific input, since this is what YOU do. :)

If you're interested in making music with people from around the world, as well as getting in on this site from the beginning, or know someone else who is, hit me up here, or send me an email at thaumata@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to hook you up. I'm having a great time on there already, and I've already met some really fun musicians that I can't wait to record with.

Join us?? :)
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[14 Mar 2006|04:00am]

Image hosting by Photobucket

hi guys i'm new here.
i'm looking for lj friends and/or people who are interested in my music.
i'm sorry for the abrubt introduction, but summarized intros aren't my thing.
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